Interview with Richard Tigges: “We use AI to measure the extent to which the media adopt our messages.”

Interview with Richard Tigges: “We use AI to measure the extent to which the media adopt our messages.”

“Harnessing the power of benchmarking and best practices with AI – and systematically increasing communication success” was the topic of the CommTech webinar at the end of June. Richard Tigges, Director Global Strategic Communications at Audi, reported on AI-supported media monitoring, which reveals benchmarks on a daily basis.

AG CommTech: At Audi, you use artificial intelligence (AI) and have even appointed it as a communications consultant. How has the switch to AI helped you?

Richard Tigges: In fact, this innovation was a logical continuation of our journey towards more data-based decisions. AI helps us to systematically analyze media content and identify trends. In daily media monitoring, AI recognizes previously unknown entities, i.e. objects, people or companies. We benefit from this when a new car brand appears in China, for example. The system informs us automatically and provides relevant information at the same time: Management team, strategy, product range of this new brand – as far as publicly available anywhere in the world.

AG CommTech: How is your new AI media review being created?

Richard Tigges: Our analysis partner AItastic has been using its Lasswell language model for us since fall 2023 and uses it to scan up to 400,000 search results every day that could be of interest to us. AI analyzes the data with a speed and precision that humans cannot achieve in this way. In addition, the AI is not satisfied with text, but also analyzes press photos, infographics, animations and moving images, including text overlays and spoken language. The AI is constantly learning and recognizes which topic/media and regional mix is right for us.

AG CommTech: That sounds like a veritable flood of data! How do you ensure that the collected and analyzed data actually provides added value for your strategic communication?

Richard Tigges: By focusing on targeted learning. For example, we have developed Ai-based topic and message tracking. The AI determines the “semantic DNA” of our OneVoice messages directly from the Audi ComTool and is therefore based on the underlying meaning of the words used and not on their exact usage.

AG CommTech: You should explain the semantic DNA in more detail…

Richard Tigges: A comparison: human DNA draws an unmistakable blueprint of an individual, just like a fingerprint. Without knowing the person, I have essential information about them. Semantic DNA, in turn, determines the essence of a message and stores it as an abstracted vector. In this way, the AI compares found locations with our messages at their core, without being tied to the same wording or a specific language.

AG CommTech: And what does AI tracking do with the help of this semantic DNA? How do you get concrete feedback on your messages?

Richard Tigges: We use our Topic and Message Transfer Score to measure the extent to which the media adopt our messages. Because we only get through if we are specific and concise enough and communicate clear unique selling points. In order to optimize the success of the message, we measure the percentage of Audi reporting in which each Audi message appears and its tonality from the time it is first used. This is important for our Insights Consultants, who advise the topic experts in Audi Communications on the basis of AI-supported analyses.

AG CommTech: Humans remain indispensable despite all the technology?

Richard Tigges: Thank God! Communication is made by people. AI helps us to analyze large amounts of data efficiently and identify trends. Ultimately, however, it is we humans who interpret these findings and incorporate them into our briefings and storylines. We are not only technology enthusiasts, but also passionate communicators.

AG CommTech: Are there other areas of application for AI in Audi communication?

Richard Tigges: With our AI ContentCreator, we have also included generative AI and, with the AI Lab, a classic chatbot with various assistant roles, transcription and summary in the Audi ComTool. That will be a real relief for our team.

AG CommTech: Exciting insights into the work of Audi Communications! An impressive use of CommTech that is sure to inspire many others. Thank you!

Richard Tigges: As Audi, we are committed to Vorsprung. Perhaps not a modest claim, but an ambitious one. We can only enforce this if we keep trying to jump a little further. The AG CommTech is a wonderful, free exchange platform. I would like to invite everyone to join the Technology Cluster. Anyone who can spare even just an hour twice a month is very welcome and can easily keep up to date.

Audi is co-hosting the CommTech Academy Summer School at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt on July 9, 24. If you want to register at the last minute, please here .

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