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The CommTech Academy

Communications meets technology: The CommTech Academy teaches all the necessary skills for the digital transformation of corporate communications.

In cooperation with Media Workshops, the Academy specifically targets managers, communicators, PR practitioners and agency employees. The aim of the individual formats is direct applicability in practice and networked, state-of-the-art CommTech knowledge.

  • Leading industry representatives and opinion leaders
  • Compact preparation
  • Targeted communication of best practices, insights and first-hand learning

Start now into the future of corporate communications and save a lot of time, resources and budget!

Christof Schmid

Christof Schmid (pictured left) managed communications for national and international companies for over 20 years. He was responsible for Twitter’s communications in Germany and worked closely with story brands such as Disney and Cirque du Soleil. As a speaker, consultant and author, he helps companies, entrepreneurs and managers to communicate in a modern way. Christof also heads the technology section of the CommTech working group and is co-author of the book “Erfgolgsfaktor CommTech”


Thomas Mickeleit

Thomas Mickeleit (pictured right) is the founder of the consulting boutique KommunikationNeuDenken! which supports communications departments on their digitalization path, e.g. with the introduction of newsrooms. Prior to this, he was a member of the management team at Microsoft Germany for almost 15 years, where he was responsible for communications. Further stations were Volkswagen, IBM and Grundig. In 2021, he founded AG CommTech as an exchange platform for digital-savvy communicators. He is the editor of the standard work “Success Factor CommTech”.

Our seminars

Use of powerful communication tools

July 21, 2024
September 20, 2024

10:00 – 14:00

Christian Albrecht
Communication Nuremberg Airport

In the digital world, the use of communication tools is becoming increasingly important for the communication departments of companies and organizations. With the help of artificial intelligence, these tools can help to make work processes more efficient and improve communication. In this training course, speaker Christian Albrecht will show you which digital tools are available and how you can use them optimally to benefit from the advantages of AI in the field of communication.

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Image generation with AI in corporate communications

September 12, 2024
October 10, 2024

10:00 – 12:00 a.m.

Christof Schmid
Hi Story Consulting

Generative AI has become an integral part of communication work. The right AI tools will speed up your content workflow enormously. In this workshop, you will learn how to successfully generate images and illustrations with AI tools in corporate communications.

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AR, VR and mixed reality in corporate communications

September 19, 2024
October 11, 2024
November 19, 2024

10:00 – 12:00 a.m.

Christof Schmid
Hi Story Consulting

With the introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, the topic of AR, VR and metaverse has picked up speed again. Apple’s market entry shows that this is more than just a trend. Spatial computing and mixed reality are the technologies of the future and will massively change the way we communicate.

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How can a stakeholder journey be set up in a meaningful way?

July 16, 2024
October 8, 2024

9:00 – 13:00

Klaus Treichel
Communications consulting

The stakeholder journey describes how the complex relationship between a company and its stakeholders can develop – if communication measures are planned skillfully in the digital space. The goal must be to increasingly activate the stakeholder over time as part of communication campaigns. Initially, it is about making the stakeholder aware of a position or product. But the journey continues and after “attention” come the stages of “interest”, “impact” and “connection”.

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Finally prove the success of communication and optimize operational communication work

July 18, 2024
September 17, 2024
October 17, 2024
November 14, 2024

10:00 – 16:00

Jörg Forthmann
Managing Director IMWF

Media analysis has developed considerably in recent months. You will learn how to quickly introduce the new media analysis tools into your company and bring yourself up to date.

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Digital Newsroom

October 16, 2024

09:00 – 17:00

Thomas Mickeleit
Head of AG CommTech and founder of KommunikationNeuDenken

The newsroom continues to be the preferred organizational model forcommunications departments. And rightly so, because the explosion of communication channels and content requires a process that can play out content across content to owned, earned and paid media across all functions. Over a third of all communication departments in Germany have already have already introduced such a model. With the grAccording to the CommTech Index Report, this figure is as high as 56% for large companies. But 8% say they have failed to implement the newsroom model and have abandoned it. With the right approach, failure can be avoided and communication can be made more efficient and successful. successfully.

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Our speakers and lecturers

Leading industry representatives and opinion leaders guarantee a compact presentation and targeted communication of best practices, insights and first-hand learning.

Thomas Mickeleit

Communication Rethink!

  • As Head of Communications at Microsoft Germany, has extensive practical experience in the digitalization of communications, especially in the development and operation of a digital newsroom
  • Has many years of experience as an honorary professor and lecturer in communication science courses.
  • Knows the challenges of communications departments from many years of consulting experience.

Klaus Treichel

Communication consulting

  • Co-author of the chapter “CommTech: Using the Stakeholder Journey to increase the impact of communication” in the specialist book “Success Factor CommTech”
  • Has many years of management experience in corporate communications at international companies and has implemented newsroom concepts
  • From traditional press relations and digital communication to crisis communication and support for transformation and change processes, he covers a broad spectrum.

Jorg Forthmann

Managing Director

  • Jörg Forthmann (born 1968) is Managing Director of the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research and co-founder of AG CommTech, where he is jointly responsible for the impact measurement cluster.
  • In this role, he has worked intensively over the last two years on the further development of media analysis tools – including the use of AI.

Christof Schmid

Hi Story Consulting
Founder & Speaker / Ltg. CommTech Academy

  • Planned and implemented the digitalization of communications as Head of Communications at Twitter Germany
  • Knows the challenges of communications departments from his many years of speaking and consulting experience for national and international companies
  • Co-author of “Success Factor CommTech” (SpringerGabler, 2023)

Christian Albrecht

Communication Nuremberg Airport

  • As Head of Communications at a medium-sized airport, he has relevant practical experience in (online) communications and is responsible for the technical and content-related further development of the digital platforms.
  • Is a lecturer for online communication, online marketing and business administration in Germany and China.
  • The focus is on digital and communication – using artificial intelligence tools on a daily basis.

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