Become a sponsor of the AG CommTech

The CommTech working group has now outgrown its infancy and, with more than 400 members and a wide range of activities, must take the next step in its development.

We invite all stakeholders who support the goals of the CommTech WG to join as sponsors. This is intended to make the work results of the CommTech WG even more visible in the profession for the benefit of all and to contribute to making CommTech the standard in communication.

Planned are own publications and events, exchange formats for practitioners from companies, the formation of networks to establish future qualification profiles, to identify best practices and to promote the exchange with science in joint projects. For this we need your support as a sponsor.

Who can become a sponsor and what does sponsorship look like?

Whether a company, service provider, association or private individual, anyone who would like to support our work and our goals can become a sponsor of the working group.

In principle, direct financial contributions are desired, which help to finance the work of the CommTech WG. For associations, there is also the possibility of promotion, for example in the form of distribution services or appearances at events.

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What we offer

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  • Listing as a sponsor on the website (logo & statement/short description)
  • Free job ads in newsletter
  • Logo presence at AG CommTech events
  • Logo in the footer of the newsletter

Access to the network

  • Participation in networking events (regional/ analog/ digital)
  • Participation in the AG CommTech annual conference
  • Buddy program with members of the steering committee
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Access to the network

  • Membership in AG CommTech teams (not possible for service providers without funding)

Content participation

  • Helping to shape the content of the initiatives
  • Further training opportunities for own employees
  • Participate in an individual sharing format (e.g., webinar/event).
  • Free participation in selected events

Project-related funding

The following project-related funding is currently available:
  • AG CommTech yearbook: presence in the yearbook with a 1/1 advertisement and a 1/1 page statement, costs: EUR 3,900 net (Learn more)
  • CommTech Index Report: Publication on November 27, 2024, two pages of commentary on the results, participation in presentation webinar, logo presence, costs: EUR 5,000 net
  • CommTech Academy: Involvement in the CommTech Academy with its own further education and training courses (details tbd)
  • CommTech Academy Summer School on July 9 in Ingolstadt: Details t.b.d., possible are stand, design of a breakout, logo presence, costs: EUR 7,000 net
  • CommTech Summit: Details t.b.d., possible are stand, design of a breakout, logo presence, costs: 7,000 EUR net

I am interested in becoming a sponsor of AG CommTech

    Our sponsors

    IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research

    The IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research sees itself as a leading provider of sophisticated media analyses in Europe. Using artificial intelligence (AI), IMWF continuously evaluates the response in news and social media for 27,000 brands and companies. For this purpose, publications on around 430 million websites are read out. The service is available in 130 languages. IMWF’s customers benefit from the use of AI by learning not only HOW MANY publications there are, but furthermore WHAT is being talked about. Content analyses in particular are a valuable source of information for operational communications management and for in-house success reporting. At IMWF, there is no dashboard that has to fit all customers – according to the motto “one size fits all”. IMWF clients receive analyses that are individually tailored to their needs.


    Because good marketing needs a foundation: Make decisions based on data-driven insights.

    For more than 20 years, pressrelations has been assisting marketing and PR experts in planning and managing their communications. In doing so, the company combines innovative AI-powered technologies with specialist expertise from its analysts and consultants. The result is valuable insights and targeted communications work at a completely new level of information. Always get a quick and reliable overview: From classic media reviews and customized analyses to trend analysis and early topic detection, pressrelations provides everything you need to identify emerging trends, strategically important topics and critical news at an early stage and address them in a focused manner.

    With an international team at 12 locations, pressrelations has all relevant media and industries worldwide in view and offers you everything you need for effective communications work – globally, cross-media and in real time.



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