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Membership in the CommTech working group is worthwhile for all digital-savvy PR practitioners who want to advance the topics of digitization and CommTech in the profession.

The network offers space for a valuable exchange that can help you with your own digitization path. Membership is free of charge and without obligation. Upon confirmation of your membership request, you will receive a welcome email with an invitation to our buddy program and access to the CommTech team.

In our buddy program, we network new members directly with each other, giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas in an informal and uncomplicated way. As a discussion starter, we’ll also send along a few questions that you can use, but of course don’t have to. In the CommTech team, you will find a separate channel for each topic cluster and interest group, so that you can easily exchange information with other communication managers and stay up to date at all times.

Feel free to share what you learned from your conversation with your buddy in the General channel. In this way, possible questions and suggestions can be included directly in the initiatives.

The working group is only open to PR practitioners from companies. Of course, service providers with their expert knowledge are an important part of the solution. We are therefore pleased to be able to attract service providers as sponsors of the CommTech WG and to involve them in the work in this way.

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    Participation as a service provider

    Even if service providers do not have the opportunity to be accepted as members of the working group, there are still opportunities for participation: For example, you can participate in an initiative at the invitation of an initiative leader. If you would also like to have access to the CommTech team, you can choose to support the AG CommTech as a
    as a supporter.

    We would also be happy to inform you personally about your options, just contact us without obligation.
    with us. You can also join our
    LinkedIn group
    and exchange ideas with digital-savvy communications professionals.

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