Initiatives around the topic of CommTech

Achieving results in sprints

In order to be able to achieve rapid results on concrete issues and a wide variety of topics, we work in initiatives in the CommTech WG. These can be broadly differentiated by scope, setup, goals, and outcomes:

Small initiative
  • 1-3 contributors
  • approx. 4 weeks
  • Goal: Concrete question
  • Asset: Statement, Podcast, Social, Post
Medium initiative
  • 3-7 contributors
  • Approx. 8-12 weeks
  • Goal: Sketch
  • Asset: press release, webinar, whitepaper, technical paper
Great initiative
  • 8-12 contributors
  • Approx. 3-6 months
  • Goal: Plan
  • Asset: Study, Conference, Publication

The initiatives are mapped to five thematic clusters: organization, technology, stakeholder journey, impact measurement, and roles, skills and leadership (
More about the way of working
). Ideas for initiatives can be contributed by all members.

They become active as soon as (and only if) at least one person agrees to take the lead and thus becomes a facilitator of the initiative. Facilitators organize the initiative. You will establish the project goal with the group, invite to meetings, report the progress of the initiatives in Planner in AG CommTech Teams and contribute to the publication of the results. Facilitators receive support from the respective executive sponsors from the leadership circle.


Communication within and between the initiatives

The communication in the AG CommTech runs via the CommTech team, to which you will be invited as soon as you are
become a member
become a member. Here you will find a channel for each of the five topic clusters and the interest groups as well as a general information channel so that you can easily exchange information with other members at any time. You can also use the topic cluster channels if you want to open an initiative yourself and are looking for fellow campaigners.

You can find an overview of currently running initiatives as well as already completed initiatives on this website as well as on our Trello board. The latter is not for detailed communication within/between initiatives (we use teams for that), but for overview for Facilitators and Executive Sponsors.

Current initiatives

  • What will the organizational form of the future look like?
  • How do I design a team workshop on CommTech/KI?
  • What does the optimal AI planning tool look like?
  • What opportunities does the metaverse offer for IC?
  • Where can AI help improve communication/facilitate work?
  • How do I use a CRM in Comms?
  • Which touchpoints & tools are relevant at each stage of the stakeholder journey and which key performance indicators (KPI) are suitable for measuring the success of communication measures?
  • How do I build a data lake for the communications department?
  • Atlas of useful AI tools for communication departments
  • How do we develop a CommTech culture in our team?
  • Do we need a different team set-up & togetherness when CommTech is our core discipline?
  • Checklists

Completed initiatives

  • How can Communications & IT departments work together better?
  • How do I improve collaboration between marketing & comms?
  • How do I get topic analysis to be able to do topic management at all?
  • What sensor technology do I need for crisis communication & how do I set it up?
  • Reputation measurement – How does it work?
  • How do I manage to measure & control all media channels in one dashboard
  • How do I build a data lake for the communications department?
  • How does communication affect the value of the corporate brand?
  • Measuring success in internal communication
  • Triad head, heart, hand: basis for a successful data culture
  • Practice check: How AI influences corporate communications

Open new CommTech initiative

You have an idea for an initiative and want to be a facilitator for it? Then feel free to post a message in the appropriate teams channel or fill out the form below.

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