Work from the CommTech WG

Members of our working group regularly produce content such as white papers, impulse papers,
blog articles
. These are used, for example, as part of our webinars and other events. To ensure that the results of the
are available to as many PR practitioners as possible (in the long term) and can be used for digital transformation, you can find all the contributions for download here.

How to create effective content efficiently
and spread it successfully?

    Process automation in the
    Corporate Communications

      How artificial intelligence is changing topic and reputation management

        Targeted control of communication
        with the help of the Stakeholder Journey

          AI impulse paper in the newsroom

            Internal Comms Controlling

              CommTech Report 2023

                Impulse paper AI in media analysis

                  Provide sound evidence of communication success

                    Brand Value

                      Useful AI tools for communication departments

                        Impulse paper sustainability communication


                            Crisis sensors

                              Media analysis service provider

                                Reputation measurement

                                  Decision Support Center

                                    Data Lake

                                      With AI to the ultimate employer branding video

                                      Video experiment by Cornelia Schruff, Senior Marketing Manager at cofenster.

                                      How can communication and marketing work better together?
                                      Handout: GDPR in employee admissions
                                      Artifical Intelligence in Public Relations and Communications

                                      Thomas Mickeleit & Christina Rettig: There is no shortcut to AI. Or is there? How German communications professionals are navigating the AI revolution: Insights from a focus group discussion of the members of AG CommTech.

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