ARD Research Service: Artificial intelligence in journalism

ARD Research Service: Artificial intelligence in journalism

The study on the use of artificial intelligence in journalism shows how digitalization is changing the way news is created and consumed.

AI offers numerous opportunities, such as time and cost savings through automation, the processing of large amounts of data for well-founded reports, the personalization of news, quality improvement through error minimization and the reduction of bias for more objective reporting. On the other hand, there are also risks: Loss of jobs, potentially declining quality of automated content, loss of user trust, misuse for manipulation and misinformation as well as a lack of transparency in the use of AI algorithms.

The public’s attitude towards automated journalism and AI in journalism is ambivalent and depends on various factors. 21% of respondents support the use of AI tools in the media and around two thirds agreed with the statement that the quality of reporting would improve through the use of AI. By contrast, less than 20% of study participants expect the use of AI to improve the quality of journalism, such as greater transparency, objectivity and diversity.

The full study provides an in-depth insight into this exciting topic.

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