Academic Society: Communications Trend Radar 2024

The Communications Trend Radar has been published annually by the Academic Society for Management & Communication since 2020 and is carried out by teams from the universities of Leipzig and Potsdam. The overarching goal is to prepare communications professionals for trends that will shape their work. The report focuses specifically on the current professional and scientific discourse in the areas of management, technology and society.

The trends identified this year are: Information inflation, AI skills, workforce transformation, content integrity and decoding people. For example, the “information inflation” trend shows that the amount of data and information is increasing due to technological advances in data procurement, storage and processing. At the same time, content consumption is changing. This has an impact on internal and external communication. Unique and appealing content is needed to reach stakeholders. Generative AI applications can help here, as they enable rapid hyper-personalization. In addition, the use of natural language processing, machine learning, text analytics applications and speech-to-text software is necessary to scale corporate listening and monitoring.

One of the Radar’s recommendations: Use the potential of CommTech and invest in digital technologies that are necessary for information procurement, content creation and personalization in order to stand out from the competition. At the same time, it is also important to expand AI expertise among communication professionals in order to be able to use the available technologies. Anyone who wants to learn more can download the report free of charge.

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