Reuters: State of Marketing 2023 Report

Reuters: State of Marketing 2023 Report

Economic uncertainty is increasing, marketing talent is hard to find, media consumption continues to shift and customer expectations are evolving with the hyper-digitalization of the world. The State of Marketing Report provides an in-depth analysis of responses from a global survey of 499 marketing professionals from around the world. Three surveys were conducted in parallel with extensive research and qualitative interviews with senior marketing executives from various industries over a period of five months.

The report identifies three core topics for 2023:

Purpose-driven, measurable, valuable – need for organizations to strengthen brand identity, increase brand awareness and focus on purpose- and value-driven marketing. However, simply supporting issues such as sustainability, inclusivity and social justice is not enough. Consumers want to see meaningful and actionable results.

The art and science of storytelling – content aimed at consumers is essential. Hyper-personalization takes into account real-time data from surfing or purchasing behaviour.

Data protection and the power of insights – the need for a well-aligned functional data strategy that leverages big data using AI and machine learning to identify future trends. The responsible use of AI plays an important role here.

The full report is available free of charge.

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