Zerfaß et al: European Communication Monitor 2023

The European Communication Monitor 2023 is the 15th and final edition of the annual survey. No new survey was conducted this year; instead, a summary of the most important strategic issues for communications management over the past 15 years is provided. In this context, the most important strategic challenges include building and maintaining trust, linking corporate strategy and communication, dealing with sustainable development, CSR, the speed and scope of information flows, and the use of Big Data and algorithms. The overview of the changing status of the field and emerging or disappearing trends includes data from nearly 40,000 respondents in 50 countries collected between 2007 and 2022.

The review is combined with the identification of five fields of action and success factors in the next decade. These include the use of data and the potential of modern technologies to reach and influence target groups in a hyper-connected world, as well as the management and motivation of excellent teams. Each field of action has its own chapter, each of which also contains three theses that will shape the future of strategic communication. They are based on current research literature as well as the summarized findings of the last 15 years. The full study is available free of charge.

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