Ana Adi: AI in Public Relations & Communications

The question of what impact AI will have on communication as a profession is the subject of much debate in the industry. The eBook by Ana Adi, Professor of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, now paints a holistic picture of the subject. Twelve articles by PR and communications professionals, educators, and students present research, reflections, summaries, and field reports. The result is an overview of current practices, emerging issues, and to-dos. The eBook is intended as a reflection on the impact of AI on and for PR. In doing so, the last two chapters specifically discuss future implications of AI for the profession and PR education.

For example, the book begins with a definition of terms and current and emerging implications of AI for the PR industry. Furthermore, Tsvetelina Dobreva shows in her study that people generally find it difficult to distinguish between human and AI-generated text, with even educational level or writing experience making no difference. In their article, Christina Rettig and Thomas Mickeleit pick up on the results of a focus group interview with members of the CommTech WG and make it clear: There is no shortcut to AI. It takes a certain level of maturity in terms of CommTech for AI implementation to succeed. Given the accelerated pace of technological evolution, it is not enough to simply introduce new AI tools. Rather, communications professionals need to dive deep into the subject, truly understand the intricacies, and continually educate and adapt to reach their full potential. Monique Zytnik and Matthew Lequick address employee readiness and develop a framework to support an adoption campaign. In addition, here are tips to address the fear of technology. If you want to learn more, you can download the eBook for free.

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