Corporate Excellence: Approaching the Future 2023

The 8th report, Approaching the Future 2023, was produced by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership in collaboration with CANVAS Sustainable Strategies & the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. It is based on responses from more than 1,200 professionals from 53 countries and looks at the top ten trends in reputation and intangibles management that are currently shaping the corporate agenda. This year’s results reflect the evolving and significant role of companies as social, responsible and transformative actors in the environments in which they operate. The fact that more than 40% of the responses came from senior executives shows that managing intangibles is now firmly on management’s agenda as an essential aspect of the business model of the future.

One important field of action that companies are prioritizing is technology. It is seen as a key transformation lever for intangible asset management and consolidates the path to more sustainable business models. For 61% of respondents, technology is currently having a major impact on working models and the relationship between employees & the organization. 46.2% see the impact on internal and external communication. The impact of technology is seen as driving change in the management of intangibles such as brand, reputation & sustainability of organizations. At the same time, the topic area “Digitization & Cybersecurity” is only in 5th place in the trend ranking and is assigned relevance level 2. In addition, only 16.4% of respondents say they apply technology to communicating with their stakeholders. The full report is available free of charge.

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