Future Today Institute: 2024 Tech Trends Report

Published continuously since 2007, the Future Today Institute’s annual report covers maturing and emerging trends grouped into two categories: Industry and Technology. Industry trends reflect how technology is shaping the future of an entire industry. Technology trends are specific developments in a field, such as artificial intelligence. Covering a wide range of technologies across industries creates a holistic view of change and provides executives with a clear understanding of their potential impact. This year’s edition includes 700 trends and the comprehensive report is available free of charge.

Among other things, the report shows that New technologies such as generative AI are shaping the future of content creation, distribution and monetization. New applications of AI are changing the media value chain and shaping new consumer habits when it comes to searching for and discovering information. In the coming year, the initial excitement around ChatGPT prompt hacking and product releases based on large language models will subside, but the information ecosystem will change permanently.

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