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The CommTech working group is constantly evolving and driving the topic forward in the profession. Here you will find our press releases for comprehensive information on the latest developments and events in the working group.

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June 11, 2024
How digital are communications departments and PR agencies in German-speaking countries?

The CommTech Index Survey, a survey to determine the digitalization status of communications departments and PR agencies, enters the next round today…

June 6, 2024
AG CommTech welcomes 500. member

AG CommTech has now welcomed Sarah Wolpers as its 500th member. welcome a new member. The working group was founded in June 2021 and sees itself as an exchange platform for digital-savvy employees in corporate communications…

June 5, 2024
This is the shortlist for the CommTech Champions Awards

AG CommTech is presenting the CommTech Champion Awards for the first time this year. The award is given to communication departments that are pioneers in the digitalization of communication…

November 29, 2023
CommTech Index Report 2023

The CommTech working group and the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) today published the first “CommTech Index Report” at the CommTech Summit in Hamburg…

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